Our story...

It is back-breaking as well as curiously satisfying to do manual labor outdoors. Picking grapes in one of the worlds most beautiful natural settings - the Vaucluse region of Provence - with Mont Ventoux and the other famous promontory, Les Dentelles, as a daily backdrop under pure blue skies, the aches and pains go away that much quicker.  It is no wonder the Impressionists were inspired to paint their masterpieces in this beautiful light.  Similarly exhilarated by this beauty while harvesting grapes, Vince DeKime created his own marque of red wine which he baptized, Le Vendangeur, in 2013.  

Working closely with friends at Domaine Rouge-Bleu (www.rouge-bleu.com) in Sainte-Cécile-les-Vignes, he carefully selected grapes from their very old vines, leased tank space for the fermentation of his cuvée and purchased aged oak for the wine’s élevage

Made with modern methods, Le Vendangeur keeps intact the traditions of the Rhone Valley in France maintaining the grape varieties and styles perfected over the centuries.